Alarchin bridge connects Kolomensky and Pokrovsky islands through the Griboedov Kanal in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg

The origin of the name Alarchin Bridge is due to the incorrect pronunciation of the name of the ship master Aladchanin, who lived nearby at the end of the XVIII century. At that time the bridge was called Alarchinov. Modern name is known since 1776.

Since 1761 there was a wooden bridge, which was rebuilt in 1783-1785. In 1906-1907, according to the project of engineers V.A. Bersa, A.P. Pshenitsky and architect A.I. The Zazersky bridge was reconstructed. The wooden span was replaced with riveted metal. In this form, the bridge hung in till this day.

The bridge is an architectural monument and is protected by the state.

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