Pikalov Bridge connects the Kolomensky and Pokrovsky islands through the Griboedov Kanal in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg

 It is located at the intersection of the Kryukov Kanal with the Griboedov Kanal in its lower reaches.

The bridge was built in 1783-1785 and named after the name of the contractor who built it. The bridge was three-span with a wooden span on stone supports. The central span was lifting.

The design of the bridge was typical. All crossings in this part of St. Petersburg were built on it. Of the three bridges built at the same time (Pikalov, Malo-Kalinkin, Alarchin), only Pikalov bridge retained its original appearance.

In the second half of the XIX century the adjustable span was replaced by a constant one. In 1905, wooden beams were replaced with metal.

The bridge was thoroughly repaired according to the project of engineers L.N. Sobolev and R.R. Shipov in 1982-1984. The historical appearance and design features of the bridge have been preserved.

Pikalov bridge is the only waftage in this part of the city that has retained its historical appearance since the 1780s. It is an architectural monument and bridge building art of the XVIII century and is under state protection.

Pikalov bridge is famous for the fact that seven other crossings are clearly visible from it: Mogilev, Krasnogvardeisky, Novo-Nikolsky, Smezhniy, Staro-Nikolsky, Kashin and Torgovy bridges.

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