Dvortsoviy Bridge also known as Palace Bridge took its name after the Winter Palace, Dvortsovaya (Palace) Square and Embankment

The first pontoon bridge connected Admiralteyskiy and Vasilievsky Isles in 1856 directly in front of the Winter Palace, but in 1896-1897 it was relocated to the place where today the Palace Bridge is situated. The permanent iron drawbridge was constructed in 1912-1916 by engineers A.Pshenitzkiy and R.Meltzer. Interesting fact: some wooden elements of bridge’s construction remained unchanged till 1978. Palace Bridge is technically the most perfect one of all Neva’s bridges. Unique mechanism of the drawbridge, consisted of engines, colossal cogwheels (some full metal cast in block details remain from the opening of the bridge) and floating bridge counterbalances weighting thousands of tons, allows lifting 700 tons of bridge spans. In 1997 the Palace Bridge got it’s colorful illumination.

During fests the open spans of the bridge become the screen for imaged films.  

Scarlet sails in Saint Petersburg

The Scarlet Sails is a celebration in St. Petersburg, Russia, the most massive and famous public event during the White Nights Festival. The tradition is highly popular for its spectacular fireworks, numerous music concerts, and a massive water show.

"Bus tour & Hermitage"

Professional Russian-speaking guides. 3 fixed stops. You will enter the museum without any queue. Ends at the Hermitage

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