The Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul


Today it is one of the oldest and largest Lutheran churches in Russia

The Cathedral was constructed in 1833—1838 by Alexander Brullov. The interior of the church was substantially rebuilt, but its appearance has remained virtually unchanged. In front of the church there are the statues of the Apostles Peter and Paul on high pedestals. Today it is one of the oldest and largest Lutheran churches in Russia. In 1938, after the nationalization, the church building was used as a warehouse for theatrical scenery, and as a swimming pool. In 1994 the church was returned to the believers.

Such famous people as K. Rossi, M. Mussorgsky, one of the most prominent Russian geologists G. Gelmersen, the geographer V. Yuncker, architects K. Ton, L. Benoit, M. Messmacher, A. Pel, the teacher P. Lesgaft, the founder of Pediatrics K. Rauhfus, historians G. Forster, A. Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky and many others studied in Peterschule (the school at the church).

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