Holy Face Church of Horse Stables


On 1 February 1837 there was a funeral service of A.S. Pushkin

The building Not-Made-by-Hand Image of Our Saviour Church belongs to the Konuyshenny Yrd complex, which is a compositional centre of the southern fasade. Initially the wooden building of the church built by Domenico Trezini was sanctified in 1737. In 1746 it was built in stone at the direction of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. In 1747 there was built and sanctified a stone church on Konuyshennaya Square in front of the stables building. The modern church was built in 1816-1823 after theh project of architect V. Stasov. Bas-reliefs on the fasade were accomplished by sculptor Demut-Malinovsky.

On 1 February 1837 in the Not-Made-by-Hand Image of Our Saviour Church there was a funeral service of A.S. Pushkin. At those times the church was a royal one, but a special permission from emperor Nicholas I was obtained. On 3 February at night a coffin with poet's body was delivered from Konuyshennaya Church to the Svyatogorsky Monastery where it was buried. In 1857 there took place a funeral service of M.I. Glinka.

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