St. Stanislav Catholic Church


An architectural monument of late Classicism, constructed in 1823-25

Each facade of the main building is decorated with three two-columned porticoes and an extended cornice. The building is crowned with a small cupola on a low dome drum. In 1827, a chapel was built above the grave of Metropolitan Bogusz-Siestrzencewicz (architect I. I. Charlemagne). In 1885, a belfry was added. The church established a primary school in 1827, and the building for the school was constructed in the neighbouring Masterskaya Street in 1841-42 (architect J. D. Corsini). In 1934, the church was closed down and turned into a workshop of Rot-Front fur factory. In 1952-54, the original facades were recreated. In 1996, the church was returned to the Catholic community, in 1998 it was consecrated again.

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