One of the oldest Catholic churches in St. Petersburg

The temple of St. Stanislav was built on the site of the former home of the first Catholic metropolitan of the Russian Empire, Stanislav Bogush-Sestrentsevich. After moving to another house, he donated money and a plot of land on the corner of Masterskaya and Torgovaya streets (now the Soyuza Pechatnikov street) for the construction of the temple.

The construction of the temple was from 1823 to 1825, the Italian architect David Visconti became the author of the project. At the end of construction, the church was consecrated in the name of St. Stanislav by the 94-year-old Metropolitan Bogush-Sestrentsevich, and a year later the Metropolitan died and was buried in the church. Church of st. Stanislava became the second Catholic church in St. Petersburg after the Cathedral of St. Catherine. Despite the small size of the church, the parish grew rapidly, and by 1917 the number of parishioners exceeded 10,000.

In 1829, an elementary school named after Sestrentsevich was opened at the temple. From 1887 to 1921, the famous philanthropist, a prominent figure of the Catholic Church in Russia, Bishop Anthony Maletsky, was serving in the church, and the memorial plaque inside resembles about it now.

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