Lourdskaya St. Mary Church


Roman Catholic Church in St. Petersburg

Before the revolution in the capital lived 3700 French Catholics, who prayed, as a rule, in the St. Catherine Church on Nevsky. At the French Embassy already in 1860 the idea of a separate temple for both, and at the same time architect. N. Benois created a project for the building in the Gothic style. However, only in October, 1898, Ambassador gr. Montebello managed, through the Russo-French rapprochement, to achieve the Highest resolution on the construction of the Roman Catholic Church. First for him, took Manezhnaya square, but because of the protests of the Orthodox Church and the public in the summer of 1900 was bought for 67 thousand. a site away from the city center, in the Kovensky lane. Here, in the same year, the project architect. O. I. Thibault-Brignoles, member of the community, of wood, was built a small temporary parish Church.


Roman and Gothic style in St. Petersburg

This route acquaints with Roman and Gothic architecture in St. Petersburg

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