The unique acoustics of the Great Choral Synagogue is known worldwide

The centre of public and religious life of Jews in Saint Petersburg (around 100 thousand people), one of the city's oldest communities. The Grand Choral Synagogue is an architectural monument of federal significance; it is designed in the eastern, Moresque style. The building project was developed by the architects L. Bachmann and I. Shaposhnikov, also involving V. Stasov and N. Benois. The construction was completed in 1893. The St. Petersburg Synagogue is the second largest in Europe and the largest in Russia. The complex of the Grand Choral Synagogue includes The Great Synagogue, The Small Synagogue, mikvah (the ritual baths building, essential in Judaism) and The Synagogue of the Georgian Jews.

The unique acoustics of the Great Choral Synagogue is known worldwide. You can conduct an experiment: try standing facing the wall at one end of the hall, then ask your friends to stay at the opposite side and whisper something quietly. Despite the impressive distance (10 meters), you will hear all the words perfectly. What is surprising - the voice is magnified in the center of the hall.

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