The world's northernmost Buddhist temple 

The world's northernmost Buddhist temple. "Gunzechoinei" in Tibetan means "The Source of the Holy Teaching of All-caring Lord-Hermit." This Buddhist temple was built in St. Petersburg in 1909-1915. The construction was initiated by the Buryat Lama Lobsang Aghvan Dorzhiev, the envoy of  XIII Dalai Lama. Funds for the construction were partly donated by Dorzhiyev and XIII Dalai Lama, and partly gathered among the religious in Buryatia and Kalmykia.

In the datsan one can consult an astrologer and a Tibetan physician - a specialist in traditional Tibetan medicine. In the basement of the temple there is a cafe where you can try the Buryat cuisine.

Religions of Saint Petersburg

The route will guide you through a rich variety of religious life of St.Petersburg

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  • Address: St. Petersburg, Primorskiy prospect, 91
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