Shi Tsa Lions on Petrovskaya Embarkment


Shi Tsa Lions are two granite mythological lions in St. Petersburg, brought from China

They were placed on Petrovskaya Embankment in 1907. Shi Tsa granite lions were made in China, in the Manchurian city of Girin, for the general Chang’s chapel, but after his death, the new governor of the city gave these statues to  the governor-general of Priamurye, the ethnographer and the writer, N. I. Grodekov as a present.
Actually, Shi Tsa are not lions, but fantastic creatures, half-lions, half-frogs.  Following the Chinese tradition, their sculptures were usually put at the entrance to a temple or a cemetery. One of Shi Tsa lions holds a small ball in its paw, which symbolizes knowledge, and another Shi Tsa has a little young lion beside.
Statues were brought to St. Petersburg and placed on Petrovskaya Embankment at Nikolay Grodekov’s  in 1907
They say that the ball of Buddhist knowledge, which one of the lions holds in a paw, can grant one’s wishes.

«Lions guard the city» route

Many statues of lions have become part of urban traditions. Try your luck, make a wish touching you like most.

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