Memorable sign "Spit of Vasilyevsky Island"


The memorable sign represents horizontally placed bronze bas-relief on the granite basis on which the complex of buildings of Spits of Vasilyevsky Island ensemble in which customs services of St. Petersburg historically took place is represented

The authors of the memorial sign "The Spit of Vasilievsky Island. To the 300th anniversary of the city, the port and the customs" are the architect U.Nikitin, the sculptor D.Nikitin, the sculptor and medal artist A.Kunats, the designer A.Timofeev. The memorable sign was established in honor of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg and is gift to the city from Northwest customs office. It is open on November 14, 2003. 

The bronze bas-relief was mounted on a granite base in the form of a washer with 2.4m in diameter, oriented to the cardinal points with the appropriate engraving in Latin letters: «NOSW». The maximum height of the bas-relief is 0.8 m.

The Rostral Columns (the beacons decorated with the nasal parts of the defeated ships) have 4 allegorical sculptures  in the bases, which symbolize 4 main rivers: Volkhov, Volga, Neva, and Dnepr.

By convention, tourists leave a coin on a monument - to return here once again. It will be interesting to visit the Zoological Museum and The Dokuchaev central soil Museum.They are located in the historical building of the former St. Petersurg Stock Exchange.


This tourist route includes major places of Soviet and Russian movie industry. 

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