A historic building constructed in classical style

The building constructed after the project of G.Quarenghi in 1804-1807 for His Imperial Highness Life Guard Mounted regiment. The Manege was deemed for training and for the gala rides of the regiment. 

The main façade is accompanied with the statues made by an Italian sculptor P.Triscorni. These are the copies of Dioscuri – the twin-brothers Castor and Pollux. The originals are situated in front of the Quirinal palace in Rome.

Inside there is a large hall for training. The main entrance was decorated as “a gallery for ladies and noble gentlemen”; the premises for the staff were on the other side of the hall. 

In the Soviet period the Manege was used as a garage for the NKVD troops. For this purpose the building was reconstructed by making an additional floor. Since 1967 the halls serve as the Central exhibit hall “Manege”.

During a long time there was a legend telling about a tunnel connecting the Winter Palace and the Horse Guards Manege. The tunnel was high enough for a rider to pass.

The smaller hall of “Manege” is a branch of the Central exhibit hall. It is located in the centre of St.Petersburg (Nab. Kan. Griboyedova, 103). The smaller hall is a popular place for performances, workshops and chamber exhibits.   

Historical Сenter route

This route will introduce you to the most significant sights of the center of Saint Petersburg

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