The first stone building on the place where the Laval’s house stands now was built in the 1720s

The first stone building on the place where the Laval’s house stands now, belonged to Alexander Menshikov, the first governor of St. Petersburg and was built in the 1720s. After Menshikov fell into disgrace, the house became the property of the vice-chancellor A.I. Osterman, and in the end of the XVIII century to the G.A. Stroganov. The house was rebuilt by the architect A. Voronikhin for Stroganov. Voronikhin was the first Russian architect who started to use lion statues in his compositions. As decorations there are two laying lions near the main entrance, nicknamed "philosophers" for the peaceful expression of their snouts. Countess A.G. Laval bought the house in 1800.  The house was rebuilt again by architect J. Thomas de Thomon in the Empire style for her. 
In former times Laval’s house was one of the most popular literary and musical salons. Interiors in Laval's house were decorated like in a museum where were collected unique antique sculptures, Etruscan vases, Egyptian rarities and paintings. All this luxury has attracted a huge number of guests. Among them were famous artists and writers, diplomats and musicians. 
Laval’s house was very popular in St. Petersburg in 1820s. Countess Laval’s literary salon visited such famous people as Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Krylov, Vasily Zhukovsky, Mikhail Lermontov. On February 16, 1840 at Laval’s ball Mikhail Lermontov quarreled with Ernest de Barant, the quarrel ended with the duel and the expulsion of the poet from St. Petersburg.
 Laval's daughter became the wife of Prince Trubetskoy and she was among wives of the Decembrists, who went to Siberia with their husbands.
There is no museum in Laval’s house. Sometimes various travel companies organize excursions to Laval’s house.

«Lions guard the city» route

Many statues of lions have become part of urban traditions. Try your luck, make a wish touching you like most.

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