Lions at the Dvortsovaya pier


The most popular guard lions in St.Petersburg

Made from a thin sheet of copper statues are clearly visible from everywhere.  Lion sculptures were made in 1832 by Alexander Ironworks in St. Petersburg. The author is I. Prang and model of sculpture was made by I.P. Prokofiev. The quay was adorned with statues of lions and vases in 1832 to decorate the stairs to Neva. Later the vases moved  to Petrovskaya Pristan, the lions and the quay were moved to the present place due to construction of Palace Bridge.

The lions are hollow inside but have a strong steel frame inside. These frames were set after the back of one lion had been broken by taking pictures tourists.


«Lions guard the city» route

Many statues of lions have become part of urban traditions. Try your luck, make a wish touching you like most.

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