Refinement in everything: an elegant combination of stylish architecture, interiors and inimitably amazing confectionery

On Christmas Eve 1812, a diligent gardener named Peter Eliseev, Count Sheremetev's serf, delivered fresh raspberries for his master's guests. The astonished Count asked his serf how to thank him for such a treat. Peter didn`t hesitate and asked for freedom. Sheremetev kept his promise and set Eliseev and his wife free awarding them with a small fortune. It turned out that the former serf possessed an extraordinary aptitude for commerce. Peter Eliseev became famous all over St. Petersburg, thanks to his ability to surprise the most demanding customers. That is where the story of the Eliseevy Merchants' Shop began. A few decades later, Peter`s descendants would open the Eliseev Emporium in St. Petersburg, the most opulent food hall in the Russian Empire, which is still open for customers. From the very first moment of its history this store is not just a food store: it also includes fine dining restaurants and in some cases can serve as a grand hall for celebrations.

Here you can find different delicious souvenirs and gifts of St. Petersburg, as well as fish and meat delicacies, rarefied alcohol, spices, natural oils and sauces, chef French desserts, hand-made chocolate and fresh pastries from the bakery at the store.

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