Matryoshka is a Russian brand of gifts, jewelry and accessory

Matryoshka is a Russian jewelry and accessories brand which has already won all the hearts of Russian beauties. The concept of Matryoshka is the perfect combination of the worldwide known forms, pure color and functionality of the products, that fits any look and makes it sophisticated and chic.

 Growing fast as a brand among foreign admirers, Matryoshka has become the unique and memorable gift from Russia, demonstrating a completely new and modern view of the world-famous symbol. These days functional gifts are no doubt as important as symbolic ones, especially for friends living in other countries.

Wide range of jewelry products will surely help every woman to feel special and unique every day. And the foulards and scarves will make your look original by its designer prints. Furthermore, the Matryoshka accessories are perfect for women with bright, chic and contemporary style, for those who care about the individuality and have a taste in fashion, arts and beauty.

All Matryoshka products are designed in Russia.

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