Excursions on the roof

PanoramicRoof is the first company in Russia that made walks and excursions on the roof official, safe and accessible to all.

We have a guaranteed support of the government of St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and supervisory bodies. The best city guides, experienced climbers and instructors are ready to make your stay on the roof interesting and safe.

For your convenience, we equipped the passage along the roof and calculated the load - to ensure our reliability. Rising to the roof is an opportunity to look at St. Petersburg from a bird's eye view. Excursions on our roof are full of interesting details about the history of the city.

We offer you a look at Petersburg from an unbelievable height!

Additionally, there is a photographer's service to capture the most unforgettable moments of your stay in St. Petersburg.

It is planned to expand the number of venues to FIFA 2018 World Cup.


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The Roof on Ligovsky, 65 (Air Defense Tower)

The Roof on Ligovsky, 65 (Air Defense Tower)

St. Petersburg, Ligovsky pr., 65

This is the first legal viewing point on the roof of a residential house, which opened in the historic center of Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is famous for its beauty from a bird's eye view. Especially fascinating are city roofs, which have long become an integral part of the Cultural Capital's romantic appeal. After all, it is at the height that a very special kind of city landscape, roofs, spiers, domes and a general urban perspective open up.

So as to admire views of Saint Petersburg's roofs and to make romantic, wedding or simply unusual photos on the beautiful background, you can go up the first legal viewing site, newly opened and specially equipped with everything necessary for a safe stay.

In addition to the panoramic view of the city, the thing which truly amazes is one of the 180 towers familiar to Leningrad residents. During the war years this tower served as an observation point for the local air defense. The tower was restored and now is open for display.

For visitors wishing to admire the city views there is also a special excursion program, which consists of two parts. The first part tells about what the city roofs were like in the times of Peter I, and mentions the decree of Nicholas I dated 1844 on the restriction of height of the city buildings in order to form the heavenly line of Saint Petersburg. The second part of the excursion is devoted directly to the air defense tower and to the function of such towers during the Second World War and the siege of Leningrad.


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