The first tourist tram route (T1)

Tram journey through St. Petersburg six bridges and 500 sights on the classic Leningrad tram LM-33!

A tourist tram daily makes four trips on a circular route in the city centre: from Vasilievsky Island, through the Petrogradskaya side, past Finlyandsky Station, to the circus and back. On the way: 16 stops, 500 attractions, 6 bridges. The route starts from the oldest Vasileostrovsky tram park, from the gates of which on September 29, 1907, the first electric trams entered the line. Now here is the Museum of Urban Electric Transport. The tram is equipped with modern systems: audio informer, audio guides and usb-plugs. Project website:

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12 km, 231 m


The big St. Petersburg State circus - the first stone stationary circus of Russia - opened on December 26, 1877. One of the most beautiful circuses of Europe the actors seeing on the European tour way of many circuses called this building. Gaetano Ciniselli (1815-1881) Initiator of his construction was the Italian citizen, the head of a big circus family, the circus performer (the equestrian and the trainer of horses), made to himself a big name in Europe, - Gaetano Ciniselli. The building of circus is the unique technical construction executed on the basis of a front line the then to engineering thought. For the first time in the world at construction of a dome record for those times flight (49,7м) supporting internal columns that created unusual spatial effect weren't applied. Essentially new mesh and ridge design of a dome as the huge overturned bowl covers a hall. This new technical solution became wide to be applied subsequently in construction of similar constructions. Registration of the auditorium was executed with luxury. In its furniture the crimson velvet, gold, mirrors were combined. Boxes and places in orchestra seats were designed for 1500 people, and the general filling of a hall, at the expense of a capacious gallery, reached 5000 viewers. The building of circus of Chinizelli, was among soon the main sights of the city and reached position of the paramount spectacular enterprise of the capital.

7 km, 357 m

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Route (briefly with attractions):

Museum of Urban Electric Transport - Tuchkov Bridge - Zoo - Alexander Park - Cathedral Mosque - Aurora - Foundry Bridge - Circus - Engineering Castle - Summer Garden - Field of Mars - Trinity Bridge - Peter and Paul Fortress - Museum of Urban Electric Transport

• daily;
• Departure from the Museum of Urban Electric Transport (Sredny pr. V.O., 77, when leaving the park gate) at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00.

Ticket cost: 100 rubles