Wedding route ‘For Happiness’!

Route for true romantics and believers in omens

This route is designed for real romantics, for the couple in which the bride always hides a coin in her right shoe, and the groom puts on a tie instead of a butterfly on purpose. St. Petersburg always had a mystic fleur, whether in real life or in the works of Gogol, Dostoevsky, Turgenev. Many objects of the city are associated with mysterious beliefs and legends. It is up to you to believe in them or not, but still, for some reason people toss coins to the Chizyk-Pyzhik plinth, drive the circles around the Alexander Column and rubs the nose of bronze Ostap Bender. Let's make a car trip together in some city places and perform certain kinds of simple rituals, and you will secure a happy family future. The last site is located at the western end of Vasilievsky Island, near the seaport, so this route is ideal for those couples who have booked tickets for a cruise to the Baltic countries, and their joint adventure is just getting started.

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13 km, 511 m
Monument to Saints Peter and Fevronia

Monument to Saints Peter and Fevronia

Saint Petersburg, ul. Chaikovskogo, 22

A monument to the patrons of marriage, Saints Peter and Fevronia, is now in St. Petersburg! In 2016, the man-sized sculpture was erected near the Wedding Palace No. 2. Saints Peter and Fevronia were a model of Christian marriage, that’s why they are ascribed to the miraculous gift of protecting the sanctity of marriage. Newlyweds ask them for blessings for a strong family unit, help in household hardships and maintaining harmony in relationships.

Tripartite Bridge at the Church of Savior on Spilled Blood

Tripartite Bridge at the Church of Savior on Spilled Blood

Saint Petersburg, nab. kanala Griboedova, 2a

Newly wedded just ought to go see the unique architectural ensemble of the Theatre, Malo-Konyushenny and Novo-Konyushenny bridges. It is necessary to walk along all 3 bridges, in turn, to look at your reflection in the waters of the Moika River and the Griboedov Canal, not to forget to bow to the Church of the Savior on Blood, and then eternal happiness and mutual understanding will surely reign in the family life. Spouses can stick symbolic locks to the metal construction of the ‘Lock Tower’ at will.

1 km, 381 m
Masks of Lions

Masks of Lions

Saint Petersburg, Birzhevaya square

Let’s move to the semicircular Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, where the magnificent view of many ‘calling cards’ of the city is open. At the very descent to the Neva River, a granite wall is decorated with lion masks with mooring rings in their teeth. According to the belief, if the newlyweds pull together the ring toward themselves, then the marriage will be strong and long-lasting, because lions symbolize strength and generosity, and the ring goes for eternity.

2 km, 62 m
Grante Ball

Grante Ball

Saint Petersburg, Strelka Vasilyevskogo ostrova

Pay attention to the two granite giants on both sides of the slope to the Neva. According to legend, ideally shaped balls were cut down by eye, without any measuring instruments. Touch them, and part of the power will pass to you, which will strengthen your marriage.

2 km, 3 m
Tree of Love

Tree of Love

St. Petersburg, Makarova Embankment, 6

Let’s move to the western point of Vasilievsky Island, to the Opochininsky Garden. The red-leaved "Tree of Love" grows there. The metal barrel is moulded in the shape of a heart. Couples in love have a good tradition: for a long-lasting and happy unit, they decorate a tree branch with a symbolic lock from their hearts, and they hide the key in a chest fixed here on the barrel. In the summer, be sure to take a walk along the Love Alley and feast your eyes on the roses, planted around the perimeter of the garden.

5 km, 306 m