Wedding route 'Prince and Princess'

Nothing can decorate that very day like the opportunity to be in a European fairy tale and feel like a prince and a princess.

St. Petersburg more than any other city in Russia can give you the feeling of being in a fabulous atmosphere, and can make you feel like a real prince and princess. For 300 years of reign, the imperial dynasty of the Romanovs left a truly rich heritage for descendants: magnificent palaces, immense squares, elegant gardens. Due to its status of the imperial city, St. Petersburg received facades of buildings decorated with expensive stone, generously decorated with golden domes and spires, as well as unique interiors of noble mansions. We suggest you go to a wedding photo tour to the places that will reflect the luxury of scenery and convey the atmosphere of a magnificent celebration.

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5 km, 844 m
The Yusupov Palace

The Yusupov Palace

Saint Petersburg, nab. reki Moiki, 94

Newlyweds will rightly appreciate the variety of the Yusupov Palace interiors. Its owners possessed the subtlest taste and managed to combine brilliance and grace in the interior decorations. The first stop is the grand staircase of Carrara marble, covered with scarlet carpet. On the marble steps, guests find themselves in the endless suite of halls decorated with crystal chandelier, painted shades, typeset parquet, antique tapestries of the 18th-19th centuries and carved fireplaces. The Moorish living room with Arabic script and decorative patterns looks especially impressive. The climax of the walk will be a photo-stop in the home theatre, very similar to the imperial with its golden decoration and heavy velvet curtain, but much cosier.

Saint Isaac's Square

Saint Isaac's Square

St. Petersburg, Isaakievskaya ploshad

From the family theatre of the Yusupov dukes, we suggest moving to St. Isaac's Square, which resembles the open-air theatre. What scenery expense for the photographer! What an immense scope of space! There are situated the giant St. Isaac’s, European styled facades of overlooking the square of buildings, and a flower garden of red roses in the middle of the square. Also, the newlyweds can go to the widest bridge of the city with a blue fence, from where you can see the dome of the Kazan Cathedral and the spire of the Esders and Scheefhaals trading house, and the Moika runs away into the distance between pretty low-rise mansions.

760 m
Palace Square

Palace Square

St. Petersburg, Dvortsovaya ploshchad

The most favourite place of newlyweds for photoshoots is the magnificent Palace Square in front of the winter residence of the Russian monarchs. It is the most recognizable scenes of the city, its calling card. You can take shots on the background of the Winter Palace facade in the Baroque style that gives the photo an imperial gloss. Or you can take the photo on the background of the strict facade of the General Staff Building in the style of classicism that could become an allegory of the new unit eternity. In any case, the frame will include a large-scale space of the area and a lot of sky due to the low size of the buildings.

895 m
Atlanteans at the Hermtage

Atlanteans at the Hermtage

Saint Petersburg, Millionnaya ul., 35

Amazing photos are taken in the gallery of the New Hermitage portico, decorated with five pairs of five-metre granite atlantes. The well-known omen exists: if the newlyweds take one hand of the spouse’s hand, and the other hand pit on the big toe, then they will live happily ever after.

241 m
Summer Garden

Summer Garden

Saint Petersburg, nab. Kutuzova, 2

The Summer Garden, one of the most beautiful park ensembles in the city, will be able to diversify your photo walk among majestic granite and marble with the abundance of green, long alleys and vivid flower beds. Festive splashes of fountains, snow-white antique sculptures and secluded gazebos will help you to tune in a romantic mood. The place is very beautiful during the whole year, the best court architects and gardeners had been working on the structure of the garden since the 18th century for good reason.

1 km, 59 m
Tavrichesky Garden

Tavrichesky Garden

St. Petersburg, Shpalernaya ul., 47

Let’s end our journey under the Greenhouse glass arches of the Tavrichesky Garden, where you can see tropics at any time of the year. Newlyweds expect rich green vegetation scenery: palm trees, oleanders, laurel, succulents and subtropical flowers. After an eventful day, you can arrange a gala banquet with music at will.

2 km, 278 m