A typical Chinese restaurant from  Alexander Rappoport with a splendid panorama to the Church of  Savior on Spilled Blood and the city center

«China Gramota. Bar and Food» project opens a summer terrace at 7, Moyka emb. «Rappoport's Restaurants» holding successfully continues market expantion and conquers new cities. The most titled of all Alexander Rappoport's restaurant concepts – Cantonese cuisine together with astonishing view to Northern capital – will open its doors to the summer terrace

With this new project Alexander Rappoport goes on with the trend he himself set up, masterly combining manifokd public. In any of the restaurateur's enterprises one can meet the whole city society, from Russian oligarсhs and media people to hipsters and creative intellectuals.

Cuisine. The restaurant introduces Guangzhou cuisine, one of the most famous Cantonese culinary schools. Its main principal is basing on initial taste of a product, which is being processed with high temperature for less than a minute, or, contrarily, with low temperature for more than two hours. It is the custom in Guangzhou province to marinate food for no longer than 15 minutes. And it is where the legendary smashed cucumbers receipt, known almost in any part of the world, came from.

Menu includes maximum of the unique dishes: smashed cucumber salad with cashew nuts and coriander, crab with oyster sauce, beef with black pepper, Peking duck, fried milk and other interesting combinations, which make the place recognizable and loved at once. Chef Zhang Xianchen added modern sound to classical masterpieces without breaking their authenticity.

Bar. Original cocktail list was created under intense scrutiny of the city's best bartenders. The bar concept is directly opposed to the kitchen's in its total multinationality. Its main idea is to introduce a distinguished alcoholic abundance with the focus on refined simplicity, variety, and quality.

Interior. «China Gramota» boasts not only panoramic rooftop view to the city, but impressive interior as well. Sundukov sisters made perfectly refined play with the space, having turned it into a modern, bright, unforgettable and at the same time filled with the spirit of Chinese cultural revolution place. Handmade wall painting that shows Mao Zedong's Red Guard girls, modern Chinese art masterly combined with rare sculptures of Han and Tan dynasties, and menu with such familiar red stars.

First «China Gramota» restaurant, which opened in Moscow in 2004, instantly became the city's legend; one can still hardly find a free table there, better book it one week in advance. The new project in Petersburg is notable for a quite ingenious bar menu, democratic prices, and tolerant atmosphere, so characteristic of the Northern capital.

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