GYPSY TAPAS BAR is the first real tapas bar in St. Petersburg

GYPSY is a new format of restaurants that were not previously present in Russia.

Top experts from Russia, Ukraine and Spain helped in the creation of this restobar.

GYPSY TAPAS BAR is a place for those who love to travel! Wine list allows you to taste the wine from anywhere in the world. If, you will not find some wine on the list we will order it for your next visit. We will open any bottle presented in GYPSY for you and sell one glass - interesting, isn't it?!

A place for those who like to travel is very democratic, if you like sports shoes, you're used to ripped jeans, you want a delicious restaurant service but do not have time to change your shirt to an evening dress - no problem.

Our cuisine should be mentioned separately! Primarily this is tapas bar. For those who love the coast of Spain it is not necessary to explain. But for those who are not familiar with this restaurant culture we would advise to Come, Taste and Enjoy! In addition, we offer own bakery from tandoor, grilled menu and specialties collected from different parts of Eurasia.

The menu is not large but very tasty. This is guaranteed by the Brand Chef of the place, Jorge De Angel Moliner known for its cookbooks, master classes and startups of the world's best restaurants.

Tapas is fast and affordable, as in fast food restaurant, convenient, as sushi and tasty and healthy as any Mediterranean cuisine. Although there are a lot of tastes GYPSY TAPAS BAR does not insist but simply invites you to try.

Gastronomic surprises! Business lunches and breakfasts! Take away! Orders are possible but so far only for the area residents. And the first lucky ones who are close to us get privileges!!!! As during the travel, in GYPSY TAPAS BAR the guests are accompanied by music. Real, live in the evenings, and creates the mood and atmosphere of the day. In GYPSY we have our own music format which combines the mood of celebration and vacation by the sea, the mood of tropical countries and exotic places.

The GYPSY TAPAS BAR guests should be prepared for the fact that the bartender can give a cocktail or glass of wine from himself and the Chef can personally make a compliment or make an unexpected but delicious gift. We have compiled all the best that surprises us in different parts of the globe. So we are GYPSY - multicultural and multinational.

  • Spanish
  • Mediterranian
  • Home
  • European
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sport TV
  • Live music
Sport TV
Live music
  • Address: St. Petersburg, Liteyny pr, 14/1
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 993-77-57
  • Site: gypsybar.ru
  • Email: gypsybarspb@gmail.com
  • Working time:
    Monday - Wednesday: 12:00 - 01:00
    Thursday - Friday: 12:00 - 07:00
    Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 - 01:00
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