Mamalyga restaurant on Kazankaya


Aromatic, cordial and generous – such is Caucasian home cuisine. Exactly this type of atmosphere has been created in the restaurant

Gastronomic ideology of this restaurant is to introduce the guests to the original and unbelievably delicious Caucasian cuisine. The menu includes the best examples of a Caucasian feast. There are many different dishes harmoniously coexisting in our menu which glorify Georgian, Imereti, Armenian, Gurian, Mingrel, Svan, Adzhar culinary traditions.


Thanks to our masterful cooks all dishes preserve their authenticity. The brand-chef of the restaurant also keeps an eye on how dishes are cooked: the menu regularly gets new recipes. In Mamaliga you can try refreshing ayran, several kinds of pkhali, pastrima and sacivi, piquant dolma and appetizing lobio. Of course, all these dishes are accompanied by the king of any feast – shashlyk!

Coming to Mamaliga your knowledge about Caucasian cuisine will be broadened significantly. The restaurant serves such specialties as spicy kuch-machi or chkmeruli, stewed chanakhi or chocolate zgapari. All hot appetizers are prepared right here and served hot and fresh out of the oven on your table: chebureki and kutabs, achma and khachapuri. One more pride of the restaurant is dishes made from corn flour: original mamaliga with home cheese. Lavash is baked in the tandoor.

The interior continues and supports the gastronomic traditions of the restaurant. Handmade furniture, old-fashioned clay utensils, woven carpets and smart positions of each table allow comfortable and pleasant pastime in Mamaliga be it a romantic date or a noisy meeting with friends. Convenient location of the restaurant which “looks out” to the colonnade of the Kazan Cathedral makes it an ideal place for business meetings and negotiations.


Average bill - 1500 rub.

  • Georgian
  • Caucasian
  • European
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