Welcome to real Mexican cantina

Tequila-Boom is the finest Mexican restaurant in Saint Petersburg. Its head chef prepares a delectable array of Mexican cuisine for you: Fajitas , Burrito, Gringa, flat cakes and steaks, while our barman will mix cocktails, such as Strawberry Margarita, Mexican flag , Mojito and Caipirina.

From noon to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday a business launch is available at the restaurant.

The waiters are excellent, speaking fluent English. A real alive Latin American serves you, will make you doubt if you are really in Saint Petersburg or may be you are in Mexico or Acapulco.

Our restaurant is ideal for Bussiness apoinments, Business launch, Family dinner, Fun party, Happy Hanging around, Late dinner , Romance dates, Latin American dance party, nice weekends.

  • Latin American
  • Mexican
  • Delivery
  • Business-lunch

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