Sea movies in the city on the Neva

19 April 2017

The "northern capital of Russia" will host an International Sea and Adventure films Festival "More zovyot" (The Sea Is Calling). Both domestic and foreign film directors will present their films to the audience.

On April 24, Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko will open the film festival at the Youth House. This year five hundred films from eight countries will participate in the competition programme. Theme of sea and adventures unites all of the films that will be presented at the festival. Citizens and guests of Saint Petersburg will see, for example, the film "London afloat", which tells the story of poor Britains who live just in the boats on Ridgent-Channel. Or a French film "Liemba" that tells us about a of an old steamship around the Lake Tanganyika. "Sailor's Diary" stands out among Russian films. Short fishermen stories fully represent an atmosphere of the Far East.

Apart from social films, thematic films will also be represented at the festival, for instance, films about 190th anniversary of the Battle of Navarino or about the Icebreaker Krasin's 100th anniversary. The event will last four days. 

Interestingly, shortly after the sea films festival in Saint Petersburg will start the traditional Ice Breaker Festival. On 29 and 30 April, guests of the celebration will see soviet and modern icebreakers and also will be struck by manoeuvrability of tugboat dancing in an unusual waltz.