Saint Petersburg has been recognized by gourmets

17 April 2017

Saint Petersburg has entered the TOP-3 of popular destinations of gastronomic tourism in Russia. This information is provided by "Tourstat" agency while noting also that the rating was compiled basing on the data from "delicious" tours and festivals of 2017.


Petersburg came in second place in popularity, came just second to Moscow, followed by Kolomna (Moscow Region). Russians mostly prefer short gastronomic tours for one or two days, in which you can spend your time "deliciosly" for just a few thousand roubles.

It is noteworthy that the 2nd Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival, which is being held for the whole April, perfectly fits a trend. Restaurants of the Northern Capital offer their guests special set-menus for 990 and 1990 roubles, as well as breakfasts for 290 roubles per visitor.

Therefore, it is possible that Saint Petersburg will soon have a new brand, along with the smelt, drawbridges and the Hermitage. At the same time, Andrey Mushkarev, the Chairman of Saint Petersburg Committee on Tourism Development named the Restaurant Festival a very relevant event for the low season.