Artists from different cities of Russia came to St. Petersburg to capture mellow autumn on Elagin Island

06 October 2021

For several days artists from Yaroslavl, Tula, Moscow and Latvia have been depicting on their canvases views of Elagin Island in the brightest season of the year - mellow autumn.

More than 50 thousand Petersburgers from all over the city came to the Central Park of Culture and Leisure on Elagin Island to rustle the foliage, take colorful pictures, have a picnic and admire the graceful architectural ensemble of Carlo Rossi, framed by mellow autumn. This was told in the Press Service of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after S.M. Kirov.

To capture the brightest season on Elagin Island, painters from Yaroslavl, Tula, Moscow and Latvia came to St. Petersburg for painting en plein air.

“Over the course of several days the artists transfer their vision of the autumn Elagin Island to the canvas. Each of them has their own style of writing and their own tasks. Someone is inspired by the play of autumn colors, and someone is patiently working through the complex reliefs of the facades of the architectural ensemble. In the first days of October, you can meet artists inspired by autumn nature all over the park, which is incredibly interesting to watch!", the press service said in a statement.

It is noted that soon the paintings of these artists can be seen at the exhibition dedicated to the mellow autumn on Elagin Island.