In November the Festival of Light will be held on St.Isaac’s Square (Isaakiyevskaya ploshchad)

20 October 2016

On November 4 and 5 a multimedia 3D-mapping and laser show of the Festival of Light is waiting for the citizens and guests of the Saint Petersburg on St.Isaac’s square. The Festival of Light is initiated by the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint Petersburg and supported by the St. Petersburg Government.

The project promises to embody the best European experience of lighting design and 3D-mapping technology and turn the festival in St. Petersburg into a real brand of the city, with a recognizable stylistic accordant to city's tradition. During two nights, inspired by the works of genius of different epochs, directors of the show will offer the audience to rediscover and love your own Petersburg again.

The Festival declared itself by the presentation of a light show on the facade of the Alexandrinsky Theater last spring. St.Isaac's Square, difficult according to geometry and rich with its architectural masterpieces, was chosen for the November multimedia event. In terms of mapping the object is significant. The main roles in the new 3D-presentation dedicated to the city, its greatness and beauty, will be performed by St. Isaac's Cathedral and Mariinsky Palace. A number of buildings forming the architectural ensemble of the square will also be involved in the show light installations.

Projection show on the walls of the St. Isaac's Cathedral will be dedicated to the history of St. Petersburg forming its image. The spectators will see the novellas of the creation of the greatest monument of Russian spiritual culture with a truly unique mission.

3D-projection of St. Isaac's Cathedral will be performed by the dynamic lighting instruments and architectural illumination - in total more than 200 units and 30 multimedia projectors with a capacity of at least 20,000 lm. For realization of the project young Russian specialists in the field of 3D and multimedia programs are involved.

The study of the spiritual phenomenon of St. Petersburg will offer the spectators a multimedia 3D-show at the building of Mariinsky palace.

On the face of the building, like on screen, Petersburg – Leningrad’s memory will revive: myths and real events which largerly determinated the fate of the country. Here are some episodes of the play: the legend about the city foundation and about the eagle that came down from the sky; the erection of Saint Petersburg and the formation of Russia as a naval power; the vortexes of noble balls; dark nature of the Neva River as an element and the flood of 1824; the mysteries of the Sphinx and the ghostly laces of fences; the revolutionary Aurora; the penitential angel on the spire of the Peter and Paul fortress; the black arrows of the encirclement on the map of Leningrad; the darkness of winter night of blockade and the strong will to live; a spring in the Summer Garden and a downpour of May; the open windows of communal flats, "yards-wells" and rainpools, where the sky falls to; the epoch of changes and the autumn leaves underfoot ...

Apart from the bright visuals, authors of the mapping on the facade of the Mariinsky Palace payed a particular attention to the musical score that consists of the fragments of the classic works of different epochs and styles - Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Schnittke, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert.

Poems of A. Pushkin, V. Mayakovsky, A. Akhmatova, N.Gumilev, O. Mandelstam will unite the musical and imaginative narration into a one complex text, which will set the high, almost mystical degree of spirituality and turn the spectator to the magic of St. Petersburg.

The graphics for 3D-performance at the Mariinsky Palace is made by the agency «Cosmo AV» (France), a recognized leader in the field of large-format video projections for shows of the world scale. The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games and the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Sochi also owe Cosmo team for their staginess.

November 4 and 5 from 20.00 to 24.00 on St. Isaac's Square the sessions of 3D-mapping on the facade of the Mariinsky Palace and St. Isaac's Cathedral will be shown every 20 minutes.

Free admittance 

Increased security measures will ensure the comfort of the audience under the conditions of a free visit of the mass event in the evening.

The Festival of Light is organized by the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg with the assistance of the St. Petersburg Government.