Pulkovo-1 is in the service again

16 February 2015


The long-awaited new, centralized terminal of St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport began operations as scheduled on Dec. 4.

The first flights transferred to the new Terminal 1 last Wednesday from the Pulkovo 2 terminal were Rossiya Airline flights heading to Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt.

From Dec. 7, all flights to and from Moscow’s Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports operated by Transaero Airlines were also transferred to the new terminal, according to the press service of Northern Capital Gateway, the company that runs the city’s airport.

Meanwhile, Rossiya’s flights to Hamburg and Berlin will also operate out of the new terminal.

Due to the gradual transfer of flights to Terminal 1, Northern Capital Gateway is asking passengers to check the terminal of their departure or the arrival of flights on Pulkovo’s website, by calling the airport’s directory services or by checking with the airlines directly.

To make the changeover smoother, Pulkovo Airport has introduced a new service in which the airport’s employees dress in uniforms bearing the words “Sprosite menya!” (Ask me!) in all the terminals. The personnel will answer passengers’ questions about their flight’s departure or arrival, as well as about pre-flight security, the departure area and other details. Passengers can also get such information at the information stands located in the terminals of Pulkovo airport.