New impetus for the development of auto tourism in St. Petersburg

20 November 2020

On November 20, the Grand opening of the International forum on auto tourism and caravanning took place in Suzdal from November 20-21. Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the Committee for tourism development of Saint Petersburg, took part in the forum.

It is difficult to overestimate the demand for travel within the country today. in this regard, auto tourism is becoming one of the most convenient, interesting and priority types of travel for Russian citizens and in the future - for foreign guests. This was stated by the head of the Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) Zarina Doguzova.

"Starting from January 1, 2021, Russia will introduce a single electronic visa for citizens of 52 countries. This historic decision made by Russian president Vladimir Putin will enable road travelers to discover our beautiful country, "said Zarina Doguzova. – A network of comfortable and safe roads has been created in Russia, and roadside services are actively developing. "

The head of Rosturizm also noted that Federal grant support and other programs that the Agency is currently implementing are an additional measure for the development of this area.

The head of the Federal Agency for tourism recalled that in July 2019, France hosted the General Assembly of the international camping and caravanning federation, in which Russia received the right to host the FICC INTERNATIONAL RALLY 2022 - the worlds leading festival in the field of auto tourism. Zarina Doguzova is sure that holding the festival in Russia will fully reveal the tourist potential of our country for millions of road travelers from Europe and other countries of the world, and will also give an impetus to the active development of auto tourism in many regions of Russia.

One of these regions will be Saint Petersburg. According to Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the Committee for tourism development of Saint Petersburg, the Northern capital of Russia as a starting point for traveling along the "Silver necklace of Russia" – a project that combines routes of the North-West of our country – has every chance to become one of the most attractive cities for Russian and international motorists.

"Over the several years of the project's existence, logistics between St. Petersburg and other regions of the Silver necklace has improved qualitatively, which has a positive impact on the development of related infrastructure, including one of the roadside," said Sergey Korneev. "We are currently working on further development of routes along the Silver necklace, in which our city will be a key attraction for visitors as an interregional and international hub, a destination that meets all international requirements to ensure safe, comfortable tourism and recreation, and the development of all promising types of tourism, including road tourism."

Saint Petersburg aims to conduct marketing events under the single brand "Silver necklace of Russia" to generate demand for family travel by private transport. As Sergey Korneev said, it is now necessary and possible to create comfortable conditions for automobile tourism, attract investment in infrastructure development, including the creation and development of car camps, specialized multifunctional roadside recreation areas, especially in connection with the development of the M11 Federal highway and other federal highways. One of the most promising and attractive for development is the "Ladoga ring" - an ideal route for all motorists.

At the forum, Elena Lysenkova, the head of the Department of state projects and tourism security of the Federal Agency for tourism development, handed over to Sergey Korneev, the Chairman of the Committee for tourism development of Saint Petersburg, a letter of thanks from the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for his significant contribution to the preparation and holding of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.