29 June 2016

Any St. Petersburg citizen is now able to answer telephone calls on behalf of the Northern Capital. A new smartphone application, called the Petersburg’s number, has appeared in the city.

St. Petersburg has become the first Russian city which got its personal telephone number. Residents of Russia and foreigners can dial+7 812 930 1703 in order to speak to a random Petersburger. Any resident of the Northern Capital can join the project by way of downloading a free mobile application named Petersburg’s number, available in the GooglePlay and AppleStore.The project, launched on June 29 2016, is supported by the Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development and the Megaphone company. Participants can indicate whether they speak English and are ready to receive international calls. You can share your impressions about the project and your participation on the official website.

The project’s author Victoria Evdokimova shared a story of how she came up with this idea: «I got inspired with an example of Sweden:they launched a similar project and it enjoys big popularity. I immediately thought of carrying out a project in Russia starting with my hometown Petersburg. I invite all Petersburgers to become a voice of the city. Petersburg is not only about Hermitage, White nights, and Mariinsky Theatre, it is all about people».