Take note: "Catacombs" of Petrikirche

02 June 2020

In the center of St. Petersburg is the Lutheran church, and under it is a curious dungeon.

The Lutheran Church of Saints Peter and Paul, also known as Petrikirche, locates at Nevsky Prospect, 22-24.

The church building was laid on June 29, 1728, on the day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. However, the old building was demolished in the summer of 1833, and on August 21 a new one was laid.

In the Soviet period, the church building was rebuilt as a swimming pool. It was open in 1962.

The church was returned to the parishioners in 1995. When restoring the historical appearance of the building, a new floor was created, installed 4 meters above the previous one. Underneath it is still a concrete pool bowl, which was impossible to remove without exceptionally complicated work.

It is this cup that is the dungeon that today has become a museum, an art space called the Catacombs. Here, in this unusual surroundings, exhibitions are held, tours are organized, installations are erected and even performances are staged.

Photo: vk.com/petrikirche_katakomben