Chizhik-Pyzhik – the smallest monument in Saint Petersburg

27 May 2020

Not many of us know the real story, on which is based a tiny monument on Fontanka river

This tiny monument has been set up on the 19th of November in 1994 on the bank of Fontanka river, by Mikhailovsky (Engineer) castle, near to1st Engineer’s bridge on the opposite site of the house 12/1. Even though this monument is yet so young and became not long time ago, it has already its own history and even some legends.

 Since IX till the beginning of the XX centuries not far away from this monument there was situated Imperial law school. Colors of student’s outfit were green and yellow and they remind color of a little bird, which is called in Russian chizhik. That’s why student’s of the law school became nicknames - Chizhik-Pyzhiks. It says of the legends. And also, them is dedicated a very popular folk song. 

One another legend says that if a man makes a wish, throw the coin and reach with it the monument then the wish come true. But in this case a very important moment is that the coin should stay and lay by the tiny bird. 

There is also a special tradition for newlyweds. The groom should put the shot on a rope and cheers with the Chizhik’s beak. If the shot doesn’t break, then a couple will have a happy life.

One interesting fact – Chizhik-Pyzhik has been stolen many times, but it always comes back.