A River Carnival will be held in Saint Petersburg

03 June 2016

A River Carnival will be held in Saint Petersburg on 3 July 2016. The Carnival will reflect marine and rivers themes in the life of Saint Petersburg, the city of picturesque rivers and channels.

During the feast city residents and guests will enjoy a real water show and participate in various thematic competition programs and will win prizes with Carnival symbols and will watch performances of Saint Petersburg actors.

Saint Petersburg shipping companies, foreign and Russian regional artistic delegations are invited to participate in the event.

The participants will reveal all splendor of the “Northern Venice” through music, poetry, painting, sculpture and architecture. All possible genres are encouraged!

The event is organized to increase Saint Petersburg tourist attractiveness through the

revival of the most wonderful tradition – carnival. Such activity will embrace the maximum number of spectators and will extend the festive area, the center of which is a territory of rivers and channels in the Admiralty Region and Central Region.

The program of the event includes:

  • a personal water crafts show;
  • a day-time fireworks show;
  • a parade of carnival river platforms;
  • competitive performances of carnival river platforms;
  • performances of popular Saint-Petersburg actors and creative teams;
  • concert and recreational venues for spectators.

The main site of the event will be the intersection of the Krukov and Griboedov Canals. Spectators will be settled on both embankments.

After performances ships, participating in the event will continue their authorized routes, along which they will stop at the Carnival sites:

  • Site 1 (The main Carnival site ) – 19, Krukov Canal Embankment (intersection of the Krukov and Griboedov Canals);
  • Site 2 (Children’s Carnival area) – 58, Bolshaya Morskaya;
  • Site 3 (A Carnival trade fair) – 39, Moyka Embankment (on the Pevcheskiy Bridge)
  • Site 4 (The area of the Carnival closure) – 1, Moyka Embankment (next to three bridges). The awarding ceremony will be held here.

All participants of the Carnival will be granted with diplomas.