Roads connect!

20 May 2016

On May the 20th the Sennaya area turned for a few hours into the square of the World, and the building of the City Tourist Information Office – to a bus station. About 60 years ago, the column of rare international buses which contemporaries called "kings of roads" was built here. The parade is the 60 anniversary of the bus route "Leningrad-Tallinn" and is celebrated by the SPB SUE “Passazhiravtotrans” and the Estonian company Mootor Group. The event was held with the support of the City Tourist Information Office and Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg.

The parade was attended by veteran drivers from St. Petersburg and Tallinn. Honorary guests of the event were the Chairman Evgeniy Grigoriev and the Estonian Consul General of the Committee for External Relations with St. Petersburg, Mrs. Victoria Tuulas. "I would like to congratulate all those who started and worked on this route. Thank you to those who have managed to preserve and restore this beauty! It is always said that roads connect. 60 years ago the first bus passed, and all these routes were kept, no matter what, "- addressed to the audience by Evgeny Grigoriev. Victoria Tuulas emphasized that the restored buses represent a brand which is approved by Petersburgers, Estonians, and all guests of both cities: "This is a proof which level of comfort can be achieved if we work together. Buses are never empty, the routes are incredibly popular!"

Petersburgers and guests were able to see the inside in detail of the first domestic bus “ZIS-127” which was designed for high-speed long-distance passenger traffic. The first passengers went with a similar model of the bus in May, 1956 along the route "Leningrad-Tallinn". Departures were carried out from the area of the World (nowadays Sennaya Square). Later in 1957, the former building of the Guard house, organized the first bus station of Leningrad (now – the building of SPb of GKU "City Tourist and Information Office"). In 1963, the route took advantage of 80 thousand passengers. In 1964 came out a new line of the legendary bus - "Ikarus Lux", the prize- winner of the automobile exhibitions, the pride of the Hungarian automotive industry.

All these buses are now the property of the Estonian company Mootor Group. The Transport is renovated and in a excellent condition. To the northern capital they arrived under their own power. By the way, now they are very popular in Estonia. As one of the veteran drivers Urmas Valgma, "King of the Road" said, they managed to visit Sweden and Finland, as well as participate in dozens of weddings.

The "Kings of roads" will stay for a while in St. Petersburg till May 22, and on Sunday will include a festive convoy of buses during a parade of retro transport in honor of the birth of the Northern capital. The event will be held at the St. Petersburg international innovative forum of passenger transport of SmartTransport, which starts on 25 May.