Cultural buses in St. Petersburg

17 May 2016

St.Petersburg starts Russia's first audioproject which will turn a trip in the regular city bus into fascinating travel on city history.

Soon in buses of five city routes (No. 3, 6, 7, 22, 46)the «Cultural bus » project starts, within Petersburgers and guests of our city will be able to listen to individual excursions on their smartphones which is taking place along a bus route. For this purpose it will be necessary to download a free mobile application, information about this will be put on posters placed in the buses. Like this people will have the possibility to watch from the window while enjoying views of beautiful St. Petersburg, learning the stories of palaces and cathedrals, and also the interesting facts about the city and its inhabitants.

Besides, the organizers of the project report that in summer the excursion will be translated into English, therefore guests of northern countries will be able to attend the new project of the cultural busses as well.