St. Petersburg International Culture Forum

21 November 2014

III St. Petersburg International Culture Forum concludes the year of culture in Russia, forms and implements in its programme basic ideas of improving cultural level in the modern world. Perception of a mankind as a creator of culture and its creation at the same time should become one of the most important aspects in the concept. This idea is encarnated in the forum`s 2014 motto: “Human, Culture, World”. The connection between a human and the world emerges in culture. The modern world needs every individual to comprehend where it belongs. Taken out of cultural boundaries, this process is faint and out of reason.

This year`s forum has several important events to offer:

  • Dec 7th. Welcome ceremony. Aleksandrinskiy Theatre.
  • Dec 7th. A special event in honour of 250th anniversary of State Hermitage Museum. State Hermitage Museum.
  • Dec 9th. Final plenary meeting. Closing ceremony. Mariinskiy Theatre, 2nd Stage


There will be 14 branches, presented in the venue:

  • “Cultural policy”
  • “Theatre”
  • “Music”
  • “Museums and local history”
  • “Language and literature”
  • “Libraries”
  • “Cinema”
  • “Circus and street theatre”
  • “Traditional culture and folklore”
  • “Choreography”
  • “Modern art”
  • “Science”
  • “Philosophy of culture”
  • “Mass media”

The most important aspect to all branches will be the availability of cultural services for disabled people. Rest houses` residents and visually impaired people will attend the Closing ceremony. One of the events is implemented specially for pupils in St. Petersburg.

During the week a vast social programme will take place. The participators will visit theatres, music concerts, exhibitions, lectures and presentations of various artistic projects.