Matryoshka most popular souvenir of World Cup

29 June 2018

According to the accommodation booking service, matryoshka doll, ushanka (Russian cap with earflaps) and "Zabivaka" wolf  have been recognized as the most popular souvenirs among foreign tourists, who came to Russia during the tournament.

The results of the tourists survey showed that Matryoshka took 1st place, won 32 per cent of the vote. On the 2nd place is ushanka-hat, which received 26% of the vote.  "Zabivaka" wolf ("Goalscorer"), an official mascot of 2018 World Cup is on the 3rd place with 16% of the vote.

Among the first five popular souvenirs are also balls with championship symbols and flags of the participating countries (6% of the vote) and valenki (Russian felt boots) – 5% of the vote.

The top ten popular souvenirs also included chocolate "Alyonka" –5% of the vote, varenye (a kind of Russian jam) – 3% of the vote, porcelain (3% of the vote), Khokhloma (2% of votes) and precious stones (amber and gems) with 2% of the vote.

The rating of the most popular souvenirs among tourists during 2018 World Cup Russia is as follows:

  1. Matryoshka, 32% 
  2. Ushanka-hat, 26%
  3. "Zabivaka", 16%
  4. Balls with World Cup symbols, 6%
  5. Valenki, 5%
  6. Chocolate "Alyonka", 5%
  7. Varenye, 3%
  8. Gzhel porcelain, 3%
  9. Khokhloma, 2%
  10. Amber and gems, 2%


* Rating is based on the results of the poll of tourists on social media.