Date of the Scarlet Sails-2018

05 February 2018

Date of the annual festival of St. Petersburg schools graduates the Scarlet Sails-2018 was announced at the first meeting of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the event.

In addition, the issues of public order and security, organizing the arrival of graduates and their placement in the guest area, the concept of holding festive events and other hot topics were also discussed at the meeting.

Thus, June 23 has become the date of Scarlet Sails in 2018. Such a decision was made in connection with another important event of this summer such as FIFA 2018 World Cup, matches of which will be held in the "St. Petersburg" football arena.

According to Deputy Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Kirillov, Scarlet Sails Festival born half a century ago in our city is not just a landmark event for St. Petersburg graduates but also a true tourist brand of the Northern Capital of Russia that annually attracts the attention of a multi-million audience. This holiday is included in the register of world event tourism and recommended to visit in many country of Europe. "It is important to note that, as in the past year, we must make every effort to ensure these two city’s significant events to be held at the highest level. And our main task is to organize operational, coordinated interaction between all the state authorities, other structures and institutions as well as providing preparation and carrying out of these events," Deputy Governor said.

It is expected that approximately 32 thousand graduates of St. Petersburg schools and institutions of secondary vocational education will visit the Scarlet Sails Festival. The invitations will also be given to teachers, parents and the best graduates from the Leningrad region and other regions of the country. The total number of guests should be about 80 thousand people.

Recall that entering the concert on Palace Square would be carried out strictly by invitation tickets as it was last year.