Ecoterminals will continue their work

20 December 2017

Ecoterminals and ecoboxes will continue to receive waste in current mode.

The contract for providing services of ensure the functioning of system, which collects hazardous waste from the population of St. Petersburg, between the Committee for Nature Use and the State Unitary Enterprise "Ecostroy" will end on December 21.

According to a city government decree, in future the disposal of a hazardous waste will be handled by the Committee for City Improvement. But first it must go through the required competitive process. In this interim period SUE "Ecostroy" will continue its work. Stationary posts, ecoboxes and ecoterminals will still take hazardous wastes.

We remind you that ecoterminals are the specialized waste-collection appliances, with which you can get rid of batteries and mercury-containing devices (thermometers, energy-saving bulbs). These terminals are located at 210 addresses of St. Petersburg.

Eco-boxes are designed to collect small-sized power supplies, such as batteries and accumulators. The damage caused to the environment by even one incorrectly discarded double-A battery is extremely high. It is capable of contaminating up to 20 square meters of soil or 400 liters of water. Ecoboxes can be found at some gas stations and in retail chains.