St. Petersburg has become world's best city

12 December 2017

World Travel Awards 2017 is leading Ceremony in the field of tourism. The results of a year were summed up on big final in Vietnam.

On December 10, 2017 world leaders of the tourism industry were gathered in one of the most prestigious hotels in Fukuoka.  Commemoration of the 2017 year winners was held there. 

World Travel Awards is an indisputable and recognizable worldwide quality mark in our days. Its owners set the benchmark, to which all the others are aspire. Every year WTA organizes a series of ceremonies around the world.  Winners of those are meeting each other in big final. The European Ceremony took place in the City on the Neva on September 30, 2017. St. Petersburg had nominations in the final part and became an owner of two awards. These awards are: «World's Leading Cultural City Destination 2017» and «World's Leading City Destination 2017». Such recognizable leaders of world tourism as London, New York, Paris, Beijing, Sydney became a competitors of St. Petersburg.

''We believe that this is a well-deserved and legitimate award. It is not surprise that we were recognized at world level immediately after World Travel Awards Ceremony. Hard to deny tourism potential of St. Petersburg and stay indifferent once you saw it by your own eyes.  So the experts in the field of tourism could not fail to acknowledge it with two world level awards'', commented Andrey Mushkarev, the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg.

We remind you that World Travel Awards was established in 1993. WTA is considered as the most prestigious award in the field of tourism. Every year award is granted to winners in different categories, which are chosen by thousands of tourists and industry professionals.

Security of city, developed infrastructure and hotel network of tourist destination are the most important parameters for identifying the winner.

 Also, St. Petersburg was included in a short list of «World's Leading Business Travel Destination 2017» nominations. St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development was nominated as "World’s Best Tourist Board of Management in 2017".