The 3rd Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival 1-30.11.2017

10 October 2017

The 3rd Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival, organized by Committee for Tourism Development will be held from 1 to 30 November 2017. Official Restaurant Award "Top 100 restaurants of St. Petersburg", which will be held for the first time, will become the culmination of the new festival season.

The Chairman of the Committee Andrey Mushkarev commented on this event:

Restaurant Festival is part of event tourism and helps to increase the entry tourist flow.  However,  aims not only to attract tourists but also to confirm the status of St. Petersburg as the gastronomic capital of Russia. Importantly, the festival is not funded from the urban budget. All the restaurants participate voluntarily and free of charge.

The main principle of the festival will remain unchanged: anyone wishing can try the tasting sets, which are specially formed by the participating restaurants for this event, for a fixed amount of 990 and 1990 roubles, as well as special breakfast offers for an amount of 290 roubles.  The tasting sets will be divided into the following themes: Peterburgian cuisine, National cuisine, Author's cuisine – according to the choice of each restaurant.

Participation in Saint Petersburg Restaurant festival is voluntary and free of charge for all the restaurants.

The Expert Council of the Third Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival and the award "Top 100 Restaurants of Petersburg" will include the leading representatives of the restaurant business, chefs, restaurant critics and journalists who will  assess objectively and highlight the best participants in various categories, including the best chef, bar, café, new restaurant, restaurant group, restaurant reviewer, restaurant event, gastronomic place in the format of street food and restaurant with local kitchen.

Over the past two seasons (spring 2017 and autumn 2016), this event has established itself as one of the leading gastronomic events of Russia's Northern Capital, due to the great interest shown by the citizens and tourists, as well as participating restaurants. Over 140 city restaurants took part in the Second Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival last season.

The task of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism development and Expert Council of the Festival is to show the multiplicity of "restaurant St. Petersburg, ahead of World Congress of Association of Chefs' Societies, which will be held in the city on the Neva River in 2020.