Hermitage with Konstantin Khabensky

21 September 2017

The main museum of St. Petersburg invites tourists to visit a new unique excursion. Virtual tours to the historical past of the Hermitage are conducted every day, except Monday in the General Staff building. 

The film was made especially for the project "The Hermitage. Dive into History ". You will see what did the Hermitage looked like during the reign of Catherine the Great and Nicholas II and also you are welcome to the secret halls and storehouses of the museum, which visitors usually are never allowed to visit with typical excursions. While viewing the main periods of Russian history, you can see how the halls of the Hermitage that were once closed to the public changed, how noble balls and celebrations were held in them and what the Hanging Gardens and the Palace Square looked like.
The film also have all the elements of the era, from the stunning costumes of the 17th century to the luxurious decorations and sketches of those halls that could not preserve until our time. A famous Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky  will be the guide on an exciting journey into the past. Even if you have already tried time travel with virtual reality glasses, this project will not leave you indifferent.