The annual contest of the best gardens was held in St. Petersburg

13 September 2017

Every year in the beginning of autumn the Russia's cultural capital holds a competition for the coziest garden.15 parks competed for the honorary title of the most comfortable and beautiful gardens in St. Petersburg this September.  A wonderful garden on Sredneohtinsky prospekt became a leader of the audience's recognition. Recently opened after the restoration, the garden pleases visitors with good paths, well-groomed trees and lawns, as well as a new equipped children's playground. 

During the contest the winners were selected in several nominations such as the "Garden of Flowers" nomination, in which the Summer Park Ensemble won. Summer Park Ensemble is one of the most beautiful and popular central gardens in our city. It is a monument of landscape art and it is also famous for its variety of sculptures and different flower expositions. Manege garden, located on the Manege Square, took first place in the nomination "Historical Garden". It was built in the 18th century by the great architect Carlo Rossi. The design of the park has been preserved to this day, therefore anyone who wants to know more about history of Saint Petersburg is welcome to enjoy a walk around the ancient facades and a marble fountain.