The first blockade museum will open in St. Petersburg

12 September 2017

Yesterday the Governor of Russia's cultural capital selected 4 projects of the winners of the international architectural competition for a new museum called "The Defense and Blockade of Leningrad".  This will be the first full-fledged museum in St. Petersburg dedicated solely to blockade. The complex will be built on the embankment of Smolny. The competition will include a space with temporary and permanent expositions as well as an archive, a storage facility, a research center and a library. 

The Museum of the Siege of Leningrad is planned to be built in December 2018. The official opening is expected in January because of celebration of the 85th Anniversary of the Liberation of the hero city. The museum will be equipped with the innovative 3D technologies because the exhibitions already attracted the keen interest of the young generation: the great-grandchildren and grandchildren of the participants in the blockade. It goes without saying that there are no families in Russia which would not be affected by a terrible war. The jury of the contest can not decide now which of the projects is the best. But the experts have several favorites, such as works by the studio of Zemtsov and Kondiain and the architectural studio of Mamoshin. The results are not summed up yet because many residents of besieged Leningrad spent the summer were on vacation in the countryside at summer cottages and unfortunately could not participate in the selection of the project. That is why it was decided to extend the exposition for one month.