SmartTRANSPORT will be held in Saint Petersburg

29 August 2017

Passenger transport Innovations will be discussed this autumn in the Northren Capital of Russia. International Innovative Forum of Public Transport “Smart Transport” will bring together leading representatives of the transport industry.

Professionals in transport sector will meet from 18 to 20 October at Expoforum. In particular, there will be discussed the problems of the road network development for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, which matches will be held also here in the City on Neva River.

The main question of the meeting will be the implementation of new technologies and materials, as well as fresh thinking, new ideas for the development of modern road communication in Saint Petersburg. An open dialogue will broach the most pressing problems of the transport industry.

For more information about the event, please see the official site of SmartTRANSPORT.