City Day in Saint Petersburg

21 May 2015

On May 27 it will be 312 years since the day when Peter the Great laid the foundation stone of the Peter and Paul fortress. This day is considered to be the Saint Petersburg City Day and all citizens and city guests celebrate this date on a grand scale. While this City Day is not a round anniversary the city has prepared a wide range of festivities. If you are anywhere remotely near the city centre on this day the festivities will be impossible to miss.

This year Saint Petersburg jumps the gun beginning to celebrate the City Day even before May 27 comes. On May 23 all the fans of HC SKA will be able to celebrate on Nevsky prospect their victory in Gagarin Cup finals. On May 25 FC Zenit fans will gather on Vasilievsky Island to greet the reigning champion of the Russian Premier League.

On May 27 Nevsky Prospect will be closed to traffic and citizens will take to the street en masse, clad in costumes, wigs or silly hats, clutching balloons, ice-creams or adult beverages as they march towards Palace square for free concerts, the Admiralty lawn for games, and the embankments to 'ooh' and 'aah' over the fireworks that will start on 10:50 PM and will be seen from both banks of the Neva river.

On May 30 Solyanoi pereulok (near Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy) will transform into a festival ground that will be cloaked in atmosphere of creativity and joy. And this is just a part of all the festivities that awaits you on the City Day 2015 in Saint Petersburg.