Petersburg is now nearer to tourists from Iran and Taiwan

04 May 2017

Saint Petersburg information agencies are expanding the geography of their work. «Visit Petersburg» offices are now open in Taiwan and Iran. Foreign tourists intended to visit Petersburg can get information about Petersburg, its hotels, showplaces and the most convenient voyage routes in these offices.

The «Visit Petersburg» office in Taipei is located in a «A» class business center in a popular tourist area. Visitors of the information agency can plan their journey to Petersburg and find information about all kinds of entertainment. For example, the FIFA World Cup that takes place in Saint Petersburg in 2018.

You can also receive detailed information about visiting Petersburg in the «Nadia Parvaz» office, an Iranian tour operator. The «Visit Petersburg» office, which is located in the center of Tehran, provides potential tourists with information about the culture of Petersburg and its interesting places of educational, sport and restaurant entertainment. The staff is always ready to answer any questions and even help to create a touristic route.

Moreover, the «Tehran International Book Fair», an annual international middle eastern event, which is held from May 3 to May 13, represents literature for people who are going to visit Petersburg.

The first «Visit Petersburg» agency in Europe was opened in Paris due to the agreement signed in February 2017. The office is located in the Elysian Fields area and has already become a tourist business development platform. Any French operator can visit the visa centre in which the «Visit Petersburg» office is located to find new Russian partners in the tourist industry.

This year is going to see the opening of 10 other «Visit Petersburg» offices all over the world, including India and Spain. Before getting down to work, the staff of our foreign information offices is obliged to study at special courses to be able to provide Petersburg visitors with quality help.