Theatre Garden under the Gatchina sky

03 May 2017

From June 17 to June 19 Saint Petersburg will see the first in Russia theatre-musical festival under the open sky. In these days on the Silver meadow in front of the Gatchina Palace the «Wedding in Malinovka» and «Mister X» operettas will be performed to guests and residents of Petersburg.

The «Operetta Park» festival revives traditions of Petersburg park plays, which existed before the Revolution 1917. In the pre-revolution times, music theatres called by people «theatre gardens» used to give their performances in the shade of urban gardens and parks. Every day several thousand spectators gathered together to see the plays by such theatre gardens as «Hermitage», «Orpheum», «Cross Garden», «Luna Park», «Aquarium», «Arcadia» and «The Summer Buff».

In the Gatchina Palace park spectators are going to see performances by actors, dancers and jugglers; stuntmen and horsemen are going to show magnificent battle scenes. Even Gatchina rabbits, hens and goats are going to participate in the performance. The festival will be finished with a spectacular operetta song gala show.