Legendary Italy Festival

29 October 2014

The Annual International Festival supported by Taormina Commune, Palermo, Consulate General of Italy, as well as by Tourism Development Committee of Saint Petersburg will be held in the Northern Capital 29 November.

Italian week in Saint Petersburg will be marked with the following events:

1. Annual Italian Retro Movies Festival.  Professional film experts from Italy will choose five movies from archives to be demonstrated in the course of the Festival, the first run of the movie is also expected.

2. Cuisine Festival, where all visitors will have an opportunity to taste real traditional Italian cuisine. Catering staff — famous Italian cooks — will submit various dishes for approval of gourmets.

3. Exhibition of Italian arts and crafts will feature a Round Table and a Business Forum for tour operators cooperation.

4. Exhibition of Photography, Italy through Petersburgers’ eyes.

5. Music Festival of Italian Folk Art and many other events.